Big Bash Club Fair Play Policy

You game plays are always protected on Big Bash Club.

What is cheating?

Hacking in any form, including misusing bugs or using third party tools. Using Multiple accounts or teaming up with other Guests to raise bets.

How does Big Bash club Punish Cheating?

We have zero tolerance policy towards cheating and the moment we find out any offence, we will ban the guest/ user from our platform.

The banned guest/ user will not be able to play games or withdraw cash and any balances on your Accounts will be forfeited by RTPL.

What are the Fair Play Measures?

RTPL Security: RTPL uses best in class data security practices and tools to ensure the security and privacy of user data. All our systems are regularly tested using automated and manual processes for security. At RTPL we give data protection the highest priority and ensure there are no gaps in protecting our users’ security and privacy.

Secure payments: All information is stored in a secure environment and is not shared with any untrusted third party. We work with trusted third party payment gateways to ensure safety and security of all financial transactions. We do not store your credit/debit card details with us. Prompt response is provided for any issues identified or reported.

Game fraud detection: RTPL has detects fraudulent behaviour in games.

Responsible Gaming: We limit the money added by Guest daily. We intend to soon notify users in case their accrued spending exceeds a certain limit and ask them to play responsibly. Soon, Guests will be notified when their game sessions are long to take an optional break.

Disconnection: Users disconnected due to poor internet connectivity will be declared lost. Please check your internet connection before you start playing. RTPL is not responsible for internet connections of individual players. We strongly recommend testing your internet connection before using the Platform.

Profanity and Abuse: RTPL does not permit usage of profane, vulgar or abusive language in chat or usernames or otherwise.